Being one of the most active NGOs in Bulgaria, since 2000 Integra® Association joint following international projects under

Lifelong learning program (2007 - 2013);
Socrates Program;
Leonardo da Vinchi Program;
Joint Action Program - Ldv,Socr,Youth;
Community Action Program to Combat Social Exclusion 2002 - 2006;

SEVIR - Senior volunteers in interest representations, training programme for participatory competences

Socrates program, action Grundtvig

September 2006 – October 2008

Coordinator: Kifas gGmbH, Waldmunchen, Germany
Partners from Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, United Kingdom

Final products/Results


All the existing forms of seniors’ interest representation in the European countries face the problem that their intentions and outcomes often differ. In order to increase their efficiency it is necessary to enhance the political and communicative skills of senior volunteers engaged in interest representation. There is the lack of training programmes aiming at the voluntary political engagement of older people, focussed on educational programmes for their political and social skills.


Main objective is development of a training programme, combining political know-how with communicative/social skills. In order to do that, analysis of training and support requirements, reviewing existing models and experience are planned.

Final Products/Results

European educational programme for senior volunteers engaged in public life for the interests of seniors (which includes: 1. Manual for adult educators with the focus on education for political and social participation of senior citizens in public life; 2. Handbook for senior organisations)

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