Being one of the most active NGOs in Bulgaria, since 2000 Integra® Association joint following international projects under

Lifelong learning program (2007 - 2013);
Socrates Program;
Leonardo da Vinchi Program;
Joint Action Program - Ldv,Socr,Youth;
Community Action Program to Combat Social Exclusion 2002 - 2006;

ILGRECO: Implementing Learning Game Resources based on Educational Content,

Socrates program, action Grundtvig 1

September 2006

Coordinator: Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Lithuania
Partners from: Italy, Spain, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Hungary, Cyprus, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria

Final products/Results


Integrating games use in training-based learning and the curriculum or in training different target groups faces the barrier of the perceived mismatch between skills and knowledge developed in games, and those recognized explicitly within the adult education system. Teachers/ managers and other adult education staff need to be engaged and to recognize and map the relationships between activities in the games and the associated learning before they can embed the use of the game within the wider learning context in order to break down this barrier. Many of the skills valuable for successful game play are yet only implicitly valued within the school context. To solve the problem, we need a way of designing a new training game course where teachers/managers or other adult education staff set the theme and player can explore and experience whatever permutations of that theme, mirroring the inner dynamics of the players personality. Such games will be able to accommodate many different playing styles and personal goals and make it possible for the education staff to identify the achievements of the playing learners.


The objectives of the project are to develop and implement a course methodology for using games in education and create a game portfolio based on Adult learning content based in 2 graphical interface web and mobile ICT platforms. Evaluation of the usage and the replicability of the used tools, methods and applications developed by the project are planed. Some of the activities relate to customizing developed interfaces to a wider European community reflecting wider cultural/educational requirements and make the results more familiar by involving key groups of people concerned in the perspective field. The project is now in its first stage in which the partnership is working on defining the genre framework for the training course.
The project is focused on designing a new training course of using game's methodology for adult education.
The main project activities are based on training and testing in new ways of e-learning/game using mobile devices and technologies for improving educational and training methodologies under multiple game educational scenarios based on TCP/IP networks.
The identified target groups are adult educators and trainers with the attention to non-formal and informal education.

Final Products/Results

During the project life Grundtvig in-service training course m-Learning: Using of Learning Game Resources based on Educational Content will be organized by and will take place in Verona, Italy and Bucharest, Romania. The course will provide participants with know-how and practical knowledge how to design specific programs for ICT-mobiles-supported training targeted at adults and will develop participants' e-learning design competencies according to design-for-all principles.
The course will be offered this year in July 14-19.07.2008 and September: 14-19.09.2008.

Course announcement

For more details, please, visit the ILGRECO project website:

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