Being one of the most active NGOs in Bulgaria, since 2000 Integra® Association joint following international projects under

Lifelong learning program (2007 - 2013);
Socrates Program;
Leonardo da Vinchi Program;
Joint Action Program - Ldv,Socr,Youth;
Community Action Program to Combat Social Exclusion 2002 - 2006;

ELN Plus- European Languages Net Plus

Socrates program, action LINGUA 1 - Promotion of Language Learning

October 2005 – September 2007

Coordinator: Public Service Language Centre, Lithuania
Partners from Lithuania, Italy, Austria, Portuguese, Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia,
Latvia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Malta, Norway, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and Turkey
Final products/Results


The project EURO LANGUAGES NET PLUS (ELN PLUS) has been initiated by a large group of institutions in Europe to promote linguistic diversity and to offer a network focusing on dissemination of less widely-used languages. ELN PLUS concentrates on the main European Union priorities for languages - networking, publicity and information.
The ELN Plus - European Languages Net Plus project is based on the successful and valuable achievements of the European Languages Net project / 2001- 2004 /. The EURO LANGUAGES NET PLUS project will involve a wide range and an almost unlimited number of the general public of all age groups who are interested in learning less widely-used European languages and who live in participating countries in Europe as well as in other parts of the world and who have access to the Internet.


The general public who are interested in languages acquisition will use the project products for the accessing of information about learning possibilities as well as for multicultural education. Language learners will be made aware of the advantages of learning another language (especially the less widely-used languages). The project intent to increase employability and hence mobility around Europe; we will work on the social aspects of learning a new language - meeting new people from different countries, of different nations, of varying abilities etc. Ultimately this will mean a more tolerant and culturally integrated society.
National and international forums will be organised to promote the less widely-used languages and to disseminate LINGUA projects and products. The general public representatives, as well as learners from various educational institutions, will be encouraged to be involved in the forums.

Final Products/Results

An interactive website is created. It includes the 12 already existing language web sites / Bulgarian, Estonian, Finnish, German promoted by the Austrian partner, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Slovak/, plus 11 new national websites which promoting Czech, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Irish, Greek, Maltese, Icelandic, Turkish and Spanish .
The project products will be used by language professionals, language promoters and policy makers in the exchange of best practices in the teaching of the less widely-used and taught languages. They will also be used to raise public interest and awareness for the importance of preserving and promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in Europe.

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