Being one of the most active NGOs in Bulgaria, since 2000 Integra® Association joint following international projects under

Lifelong learning program (2007 - 2013);
Socrates Program;
Leonardo da Vinchi Program;
Joint Action Program - Ldv,Socr,Youth;
Community Action Program to Combat Social Exclusion 2002 - 2006;

EAT - Eating Abroad Together: Linking Language and Health

Life Long Learning Program, action Leonardo da Vinci

October 2007 September 2009

Coordinator: Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
Partners from Romania, Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria

Final products/Results


The project is developed to introduce and encourage language and cultural awareness as well as to promote healthy eating. The project meets the demands of our time to deliver a strong message about healthy eating, to transfer knowledge, understanding and respect of cultural diversity, to convey an awareness of linguistic diversity across Europe, to show the link between language and culture and therefore the importance of language learning, to facilitate the acquisition of rudiments of one or several foreign languages.


The project will involve 20 committed primary schools in 5 European countries - Romania, Bulgaria, Holland, Italy and the UK. Each school will link up with a foreign school from one of the partner countries. Pupils aged between 9 and 12 will participate.
The project will be divided into different phases:
At the beginning is conducted a research and data collection done in the classroom- this data will consist of words, phrases and simple sayings, proverbs, rhymes, pictures drawn by the pupils as well as recordings of these words and phrasesdone by the children themselves.
During the next phases, the data will be used to prepare cultural and/or language teaching material in a format that the project will determine as it develops and which will partly depend on the material collected in phases 1 & 2.

Final Products/Results

All the data the pupils develop and collect will be translated into all the partner languages and entered into a multilingual database. A user-friendly website is being developed
The content of the website and multilingual database will be built upon during the lifetime of the project.
The multilingual content can be extracted and used by teachers, trainee teachers and health professionals to create multilingual resources, bi-lingual recipe booklets, games, language activities etc as well as potential commercial products such as such as calendars, tea towels etc.

Enjoy the video summary of our project here.

In-Service Training courses abroad for teachers

We have the pleasure in inviting you to participate in Eating Abroad Together, an in-service training course on language and intercultural learning for primary school (head) teachers. The course is a result of a project with the same title. ore information the project could be found here.

In this course we will work towards developing a 'menu' for intercultural learning through (virtual) exchange and task based learning where practicality, curiosity, enthusiasm and cooperation are the main ingredients.

The next training course will take place between 5th and 19th May 2010 at Heerlen, Netherlands; please check for other dates and venues in the Comenius/Grundtvig training database here. In the database you will also find the day-to-day programme.

To find the course - click on the 'search form' link and then type the full title of the course Eating Abroad Together under Title of course.
Additional courses will take place in Verona, Italy, Iasi, Romania, Canterbury, England and Sofia, Bulgaria.

If you are interested in attending this course you can apply for a grant, which will cover all your costs. Please check your national agency website to download the application form. A list of all national agencies can be found here.

You will need to include an application letter from the host-organisation, so please please contact Derk Sassen or Tel: 0031 45 5763061 who will be able to assist.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact our coordinator Mr Derk Sassen,

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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