Като една от най-активните неправителствени организации в България, от 2000г. насам Сдружение Интегра се присъедини към следните международни проекти, включени в

Lifelong learning program (2007 - 2013);
Socrates Program;
Leonardo da Vinchi Program;
Joint Action Program - Ldv,Socr,Youth;
Community Action Program to Combat Social Exclusion 2002 - 2006;

Strategies for Inclusion - the Partner Organisations

The partners in Phase II (December 2003 - November 2005) are:

AMECOOP-Women Association of Cooperatives Managers in Madrid/Spain
AMECOOP initiates and promotes cooperatives in all sectors and branches, mostly in the services sector.

Ballymun Job Centre (BJC) Ltd in Dublin/Ireland
BJC is a community-based organisation that responds to the needs of job-seekers/changers in Ballymun and to the challenges facing the community.

Dundee City Council, Employment Disability Unit (EDU) in Dundee/Scotland (UK)
The EDU is formed by three local authorities and is addressing the unmet employment needs of people in the community with disabilities or health problems.

Vocational Training Measures Company (GFBM e.V.) in Berlin/Germany
The GFBM develops methods and pilot projects in individualised assessment- and placement-strategies for young people to get access to vocational education and jobs.

Mainstreaming Agenda in Palermo/Italy
The Mainstreaming Agenda is working with all kinds of active initiatives for social inclusion, e.g. with a hospital in Palermo.

Rehabilitation Foundation in Helsinki/Finland
The Rehabilitation Foundation has the mission to enhance working ability, employment, social integration and empowerment of those who are in danger of social exclusion because of chronic illness, exhaustion, unemployment, immigration or other reasons.

The National Employment Foundation (OFA) in Budapest/ Hungary
The OFA is enhancing employment and monitoring unemployment. The foundation pays special attention to the long-term unemployed, to people with disabilities and to young people who are unemployed and at the risk of social exclusion.

INTEGRA Association in Plovdiv/Bulgaria
INTEGRA Association is mainly working in the field of education, qualification and training to enhance the opportunities of excluded and/or unemployed persons to develop pathways for inclusion.

Vitamine W in Antwerpen/Belgium
Vitamine W is an umbrella organisation for non-governmental projects and works with people who are threatened with exclusion. Vitamine W aims at keeping people employable.

The Work Research Institute (WRI) in Oslo/Norway is co-ordinating the partnership.
The WRI is an interdisciplinary social science research institute committed to combining research with action. The institute has extensive experience with development and change projects concerning vulnerable groups' access to and conditions in the labour market.

The Knowledge Centre for Vocational Training and Labour Market in Nijmegen/Netherlands has been a partner at the beginning and is now evaluating the partnership.
The Knowledge Centre engages in independent and scientific policy-directed research and advice in the field of vocational education and training in the labour market.

All partners exchange the experience they gain in the partnership "Strategies for Inclusion" with their regional and national partners.

The Norwegian network consists of:

The Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Enterprises (AVRE)
AVRE provides vocational training for the disabled in genuine labour environments and is an employer and interest organisation for approximately 90 enterprises in Norway.

The Directorate of Labour
The Directorate of Labour is responsible for the operationalisation of labour market policy and provides advice to the Government on labour market issues.

Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled People (FFO)
FFO is the umbrella body for disabled people's organisations in Norway. The primary objective is social equality and participation for people with all kinds of disabilities.

The Directorate for Health and Social Affairs
The Directorate for Health and Social Affairs started its work in 2002; it has a knowledge-based way of working in order to implement important areas of the government's policy in combating poverty and social exclusion.

Municipality of Oslo Commune, District Grunerlokka-Sofienberg, The Jobcentre
The Jobcentre is working within the social welfare services and aims to get long term welfare-clients into jobs or rehabilitation.

Akershus University College, Faculty of Social Education
The Faculty of Social Education at Akershus University College is training and educating people who are working with others at risk of becoming excluded or who are already excluded and living in poverty.